Manufactured in Spain, these 130x130mm tiles have an exceptional standard of quality at an affordable price. Suitable for wall and soft foot areas.

LANTERN SHEET SIZE : 275X245X6mm / SHEETS per M2 : 14.85 LEAF SHEET SIZE : 275x260x6mm / SHEETS per M2 : 14

FIRST ROW PIECE SIZE : 56X6mm / SHEET SIZE : 295x295mm / SHEETS per m2 : 11.5 SECOND ROW SHEET SIZE : 300x300mm / SHEETS per m2 : 11

PIECE SIZE : 23X23mm SHEET SIZE : 302X302mm SHEETS per m2 : 11

Tile size : 404x386mm Tiles per m2 : 7.5 M2 per box : 1.6m2 SOLD PER BOX FOUR DESIGNS PER BOX

These bespoke tiles are for wall applications only. Tile size : 150x150mm / Tiles per m2 : 44 / Minimum order 1m2 Depending on stock levels at time of enquiry, a lead time may apply. 4 x tiles make up pattern shown below.

Size : 100x100mm / Pieces per m2 : 100Suitable for wall and floor applications.

Sheet size : 315x294x6mm / Sheets per m2 : 11

Piece size: 48x48x8mm / Sheet size: 300x300x8mm / Sheets per m2: 11 Matt sheets are suitable for floor applications. Please note that this tile is very hardy and extremely difficult to cut and shape with craft tools.

Piece size: 60x240x10mm / Pieces per m2: 60 These gorgeous new teracotta bricks are my current obsession! Suitable for indoor and outdoor wall applications as well as residential floor applications.