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Pre-nipped chips are randomly cut tiles and are su

The Mixed Texture Bags are 130g in weight and are

Curved glass shards suitable for creating 'mov

These mosaics are sold in sheets and are suitable

All of our Natural Stone products are between 8 an

Our range of Porcelain mosaics/tiles vary in thick

Piece Size : 15x15x4mm    / &n

Sheet Size : 300x300x8mm    / 

Piece Size : 23x23x8mm    / &n

Piece Size : 48x48x8mm    / &n

Stretch Hexagons - Sheet Size : 274x278x8mm &

Piece Size : 15x15x4mm    / &n

Piece Size : 23x23x4mm    / &n

Squares - Piece Size : 48x48x5mm   

Bricks - Piece Size : 23x48x4mm   

Piece Size : 73x148x4mm    / &

Sheet Size : 300x300x4mm    / 

Piece Size : 20x20x4mm    / &n

Fabulous decor tiles available for craft, decor and gifting. Please note that these tiles are NOT suitable for outdoor, floor or wet area projects.

Metro tiles are 75x150x4mm The Brillo Pieces (o

Manufactured in Spain, these 130x130x8mm tiles hav



PIECE SIZE : 23X23mm SHEET SIZE : 302X302mm

Tile size : 404x386mm Tiles per m2 : 7.5 M2

These bespoke tiles are for wall applications only

Size : 100x100mm    /  &n

Sheet size : 315x294x6mm    / 

Piece size: 48x48x8mm    / &nb

Piece size: 60x240x10mm    / &

CODES 888, 889 AND 892 - PIECE SIZE: 23X26mm  

PIECE SIZE : 150x170mm    / &n

SHEET SIZE : 266x305x6mm SHEETS PER m2 : 12

Our mini shape kits are supplied with a wooden bas

Our A4 size template patterns for mosaic are supplied on a mesh backing. They can be enlarged at your local printer to meet your specific size requirements. Click on the button below to view the template designs. Older designs are currently

Click here to download as a PDF

Click here to download as a PDF

The mosaic by number kits include the wooden base with numbers printed onto the base which correspond with tile colour to be placed on that block. Kits are supplied with 10x10mm glass mosaics which means NO cutting.
Tiles are suitable for wall and floor applications

Tiles are suitable for wall and floor applications

Tiles are suitable for wall and floor applications

This product is suitable for wall applications onl